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81632.96 р.

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81632.96 p.

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81632.96 p.

Exchange Monero (XMR) on Tether USD ERC20

Give XMR (Monero) Enter the amount The minimum amount is 10 XMR (Monero) The maximum amount is 500 XMR (Monero)
Underpayment and overpayment are accepted.
Give With commission system Monero

Attention! !!
The exchange rate is not fixed at the time of exchange creation .
The rate will be fixed after 10 confirmations in the network Monero at the current rate and our fee, regardless of which way the course will be changed.
The application will be executed automatically within 1 - 5 minutes after receiving 10 confirmations on the network Monero.
The maximum amount by which the received amount can change is 20% .

Reserve = 3747.16 Tether USD ERC20.

If the sum which you receive more than our reserve, a transfer will be make when we have a necessary quantity of financial means.

The reserve is not blocked after the exchange is created.

We send: Tether USD ERC20
* The amount is informational in nature.
Your Ethereum address:
The cell is empty Wrong format wallet

How much are you willing to pay miners to confirm a transaction in the Ethereum network? Affects the speed of enrollment.
Network fees: *
Minus the fees network you will receive:
* The amount is informational in nature.

Contact details
E-mail *

* required

If you send another Cryptocurrency, a Stablecoin or on another network, the funds will be lost, without the possibility of a refund.

The payment is valid for 2 hours, after which the application will be canceled without the possibility of recovery. If for any reason you cannot transfer within the deadline, do not pay. Funds received after the deadline will be lost.