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Remittances to China
Офис in Moscow до 13 ноября не работает.
Заявки с Банками, BTC, BTC-e обрабатываются по мере возможности, остальные операции в автоматическом режиме.
An office was opened in Simferopol.

Reserve of currencies

AdvCash EURAdvCash EUR

AdvCash USDAdvCash USD

NixMoney EURNixMoney EUR

NixMoney USDNixMoney USD

Payeer RUBPayeer RUB

Payeer USDPayeer USD

Perfect Money EURPerfect Money EUR

Perfect Money USDPerfect Money USD

Opening Bank
 RUBOpening Bank RUB


Any Bank
 EURAny Bank EUR

Any Bank
 USDAny Bank USD

 EUR - Moscow
Cash EUR - Moscow

 EUR - Simf.
Cash EUR - Simf.

 RUB - Moscow
Cash RUB - Moscow

 RUB - Simf.
Cash RUB - Simf.

 USD - Moscow
Cash USD - Moscow

 USD - Simf.
Cash USD - Simf.

 RUBPromsvyazbank RUB


Rus. Standard
 RUBRus. Standard RUB

 RUBSberbank RUB

Tinkoff Bank
 RUBTinkoff Bank RUB

 RUBYandex.Money RUB

11 €

10 263 $

33 €

3 009 $

25 915 p.

9 $

2 432 €

20 000 $

819 p.

199 000 p.

0 €

220 $

0 €

0 €

439 600 p.

0 p.

20 000 $

10 148 $

4 667 p.

0 p.

0 р.

347 581 p.

49 241 p.

21 593 p.

Exchange Bitcoin to a Bank account in USD

For the operation in the direction you necessery authorize or sign up .

Give BTC (Bitcoin) Enter the amount The minimum amount is 0.5 BTC (Bitcoin) The maximum amount is 0 BTC (Bitcoin)
Give With commission system Bitcoin
Your Bitcoin address:
The cell is empty Wrong format account
The address has to correspond to the sending address strictly. If you send through the exchange, services of purses or dynamic addresses, before creation of the demand report about it to the operator in a chat.

Attention! !!
Transfer happens within several minutes after 2 confirmations in the Bitcoin network.
Transaction confirmation by the Bitcoin network can borrow of 1 o'clock and till 3 days if you sent without the commission.
After receipt of your means the system will count the sum to sending on the basis of a new course.
The final sum of sending can be other than the initial sum, because a course of cryptocurrencies the very dynamic.

Reserve = 220 SWIFT USD.
If the sum which you receive more than our reserve, a transfer will be make when we have a necessary quantity of financial means.

Beneficiary :
Beneficiary Address :
The cell is empty Wrong card format
Bank :
Bank Address :


We send transfers from licensed financial company(Union Financial Services Pte. Ltd.). With a note: Withdrawal for Exchange or The return of unused funds.

When you send a transfer, we pay the Commission of our Bank. Be prepared for the fact that you can Deposit a little less than you ordered, due to the commissions of the intermediary banks and your Bank's fee (if any) .

The period of crediting of funds to your Bank account 3-5 working days after sending payment. Weekends are not considered .

The account holder data
Surname *

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Middle name *

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E-mail *

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