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835 €

69 р.

1 $

1.96712133 ฿

88 р.

4 $

6.13154915 L

341 €

3 €

45 210 p.

698 $

1 122 €

6 028 $

366 307 p.

15 875 €

500 000 p.

99 766 ₴

20 000 $

20 000 €

384 000 p.

0 ₴

10 405 $

0 р.

0 Br

20 000 €

384 000 р.

0 €

65 000 p.

3 958 $

0 p.

0 p.

9 p.

Exchange Bitcoin on Visa/MasterCard USD

Banned countries: USA, Russia, Ukraine, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Colombia, Burma (Myanmar), Zimbabwe, Iraq, Iran, Cuba, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Lebanon, North Korea, Syria, Sudan, Somalia.
For other countries, there is no ban, at the discretion of issuing banks, the transfer may be rejected.

Give BTC (Bitcoin) Enter the amount The minimum amount is 0.01 BTC (Bitcoin) The maximum amount is 0.2 BTC (Bitcoin)
Give With commission system Bitcoin

Attention! !!
Transfer happens within several minutes after 3 confirmations in the Bitcoin network.
Transaction confirmation by the Bitcoin network can borrow of 1 o'clock and till 3 days if you sent without the commission.
After receipt of your means the system will count the sum to sending on the basis of a new course.
The final sum of sending can be other than the initial sum, because a course of cryptocurrencies the very dynamic.

Reserve = 10405.11 USD, Visa/MasterCard.
If the sum which you receive more than our reserve, a transfer will be make when we have a necessary quantity of financial means.

Get USD, Visa/MasterCard
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Fill in the debit card number correctly. No refunds are possible.

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